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20% Off for Summer Carnival Promotion

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Have you ever feel frustrated when there are much grease stuck on the grate, making the grate mess and difficult to clean up?  Have you ever feel tired of cleaning up of your grate? Have you wanted to keep your grill clean and prolong its service life?
This summer, You can make everything for grill become easier with YRYM HT grill tools.

You can buy our BBQ grill mat to keep grill clean. YRYM HT BBQ grill mat is non stick coated with harmless Teflon material. It can resist high heat up to 500 degree F. Our grill mats are approved by FDA and 100%safe. They are easy to wash and reusable. It is a must-have for grill or BBQ masters to keep food from sticking, keep small food from falling through, and prevent from burning or flares up. It makes no mess, no flares and grill easy to master!

All of below discount codes are 20% off, you need to click the purchase URL and then Buy From our Amazon store to use corresponding code for each product!  

1.  Copper Grill Mat (with 2 Silicone Brushes):  https://www.yrymht.com/grill-mat/29.html

Discount  Code:  20SKBZU9

2. Black Mat for Grill (Thickness : 0.25 mm)https://www.yrymht.com/grill-mat/27.html   Discount Code:  205SS67S

3. Copper Grill Mat (with 1 * Silicone Brushes): https://www.yrymht.com/grill-mat/30.html  Discount Code:  20RNO1K1

3. If you like smoking meat or brisket, you can buy butcher paper for wrapping with 20% discount off: Brown Butcher Paper:  https://www.yrymht.com/butcher-paper/23.html

Discount Code20GTO71L

White Butcher Paperhttps://www.yrymht.com/butcher-paper/71.html  

Discount Code20CTC4ZD

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