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  • M. McVicar
    Love these griddle deals. A friend had one at an RV park so I tried this one and it works great. I have cooked eggs, bacon, sausage (See pic), burgers and even steaks. You get the lines on your steak as if they had touched the actual grill. Easy clean up just wipe off with a paper towel and no mess on my grill.
  • Amazon Customer
    Have used these on a few occasions already. Very very pleased. Great for meats and vegetable grilling.Very much non-stick, and still able to achieve grill marks. Awesome product
  • Happy Dining
    Grilling has never been easier. Nothing sticks to the surface of these mats. Food stays moist because nothing drips into grill. Less basting is necessary. No drips into the grill eliminate flare ups of flame. Yet food looks grilled with marks from the rack. Mat works well for all kinds of meat as well as vegetables. When cool, wipe with a paper towel and place in soapy water or dishwasher. Use multiple times. Pastry brushes included also work well.
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