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How to Smoke Juicy Salmon

Release date:2020-02-14 Publisher: YRYM HT Views:397
Most people know smoked meet and brisket, but few people know how to smoke salmon. If you have eaten grilled salmon many times, do you want to have a try smoked salmon? This recipe is about how to smoke juicy salmon in traditional methods. 
In this recipe, brining is of great importance. So in order to master this smoking recipe, it is suggested you carefully read this part before you start. Once you know how to be exact with brining time, you can almost smoke well. However, if brining is overdone, the smoked salmon will be taste too salty. 
1 Whole Salmon – filleted
Ingredients For the Brine
1 liter or a quart of water
5 oz brown sugar
8 oz salt

Instructions :
1. Prepare for Brine. 
Add the water in a large saucepan, then add the sugar and salt to dissolve. Cook it over medium high heat until all the sugar and salt are dissolved. Then transfer it into a large bowl and rest it for cooling. Sealed and chill in the refrigerator. 
Then cut the salmon into steaks. Usually one side of salmon can be cut into 6 ~ 7 steak. You should be carefully to remove the bone from the flesh in this processing. Since the tail is thinner than other steaks so it take less time for brining than other steaks, it is suggested to restore it and use in other recipes. 
2. Brining. Pour the brine in a deep container with large slit. Place the salmon steaks piece by piece and make sure each salmon steak is totally immersed. When everything is well done, put it into the refrigerator and rest for an hour.
3. Curing. Prepare a grill grate that can fit in the refrigerator as you need to cure the salmon in cool place. Remove the salmon from the brine. Rinse under cold water. Dry with kitchen towel. Put a sheet of grill mat under the grill grate. Then transfer the salmon steaks to the grill grate. Then leave to cure for the day.

4. Smoking. Start a low fire in a smoke box. Add some wood chips that have soaked. Then transfer the salmon in smoker. Gradually making the temperature up to 175 degrees Fahrenheit, which usually takes about 30 minutes. Then you can wrap the salmon steaks with brown butcher paper and smoke for another 35 minutes. When the skin can be gently peel away, the hot smoked salmon is perfect done.

Smoked Salmon

Serve. You can put the smoked salmon onto a melba toast and top with chopped chives. It is quite juicy and smoky when you eat it when it still hot. Or you can freeze it to cool and eat later. 



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