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How Rare Is a Perfectly Rare Steak?

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Steak is a difficult subject to write on, as it is quite hard to prevent yourself from drooling while thinking of a juicy, tender, delicious, charred, saucy…. Where was I? You see, it’s distracting too. One of the most preferred meat delicacies in the world, steak is an all-around favorite for all ages. If you have a sense of taste and flavor and like to indulge in wholesome meaty goodness, you may very well be aware of wonders of a perfectly cooked steak. My choice? A perfectly done medium rare, charred on the outside with a side of roasted vegetables, mashed potatoes, and red vine made on a BBQ Grill Mat. Bon appetite.
But the question that sometimes gets raised is, how rare is a perfectly rare steak? As there are different degrees of the rareness of steak, plus, the phenomenon itself is rare to be blessed with a perfectly rare steak. Let’s first have a look at different degrees of the rareness of a steak.
Degrees of Doneness:
There are several degrees of doneness when it comes to cooking your steak. The time it takes depends upon the following:
Type of meat.
Shape and size.
Method of cooking (roasting, open grilling, using a Grill Mat or broiling).

As for degrees of doneness, there are 5 degrees of doneness of a steak. This includes:
1. Rare: A rare steak is not rare in the sense of it being impossible to find, in fact, it’s quite popular. A rare steak has the highest degree of rareness as it has only been cooked from outside for a little time at high heat to char the outside while still raw and fleshy on the inside.
2. Medium rare: The most popular and preferred type of steak is medium-rare. It has a warm and pink, soft juicy center with a firm outer surface. Top, bottom, and sides are browned.
3. Medium: Also quite popular and an all pleaser. The center is more of a brown pink and the sides are a rich brown. The texture is slightly juicy with no blood, firm sides and a soft center.
rare steak
4. Medium Well: Close to no pink in the center and mostly grey-brown throughout. The surface is dark brown with good char marks. The texture is slightly juicy and soft in the center with a stiff outer surface. PS. serve this if someone asks for a well-done steak.
5. Well: Well??? You have ruined it. That’s a well-done steak for you. If you hate steak and want to offend someone who loves steak, order yourself a well-done steak. A well-done steak is cooked low and slow with no pink what so ever and solid to the touch.
The Perfectly Rare Steak:
So how rare is a perfectly rare steak? It depends upon the choice of the consumer. The most preferred and popular type of steak is Medium-Rare. Rare is just a notch up from eating your meat raw, often done to not scare people. Ask any top chef, they will tell you that medium-rare on a BBQ Grill Mat is the way to go. Having a perfectly done medium rare steak is a true delight and the really rare steak. Some may say that medium-done is also the same, though we don’t agree, no steak lover is going to go for a well-done, EVER!!!



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