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Why Use Grill Mats On the Grill?

Release date:2020-02-09 Publisher: YRYM HT Views:418

Majority of us agree with the fact that one of the amazing and enjoyable ways to spend a holiday or weekend is to arrange a BBQ party. Isn’t it? If so, there is a need to agree with the importance of using reliable tools and equipment for grilling. So, don’t forget to invest in the best quality grill mats.  

Grill Mat

Before using Grill mats, it is essential to know a little bit about the grill mat. So what is a Grill mat? Concisely, it is the mat like cloth made with layers of plastic-like substance. This dense coated mat of Poly-Tetra-Fluoro-Ethylene helps to prevent the food from direct flame. The outstanding mat is the best protector that can withstand against 5000 F temperature. You find these grill mats as the safest and healthy equipment to keep nearby while enjoying BBQ or grill. Besides, the grill mat reduces the use of oil and prevent it from spill away to the flame.   

Some Reasons to Use a Grill Mat On the Grill

The word “grill mat” itself suggests that they are the best fit for the grilling. Let’s explore some more reasons to use a grill mat other than grilling.

     1. Keep Grill Clean

Are you irritated to clean the grill stove as it is not that easy to clean it every time? Don’t need to worry now. Just need to lay the grill mat over the stove and allow the food to grill. By this, you can get a purely clean surface to cook the food.

    2. Keep Small Foods From Falling

Do you find it easy to cook the small food like shrimps, finely cut veggies and fruits on the grill stove? Probably not. This requires expertise to grill small food, even without any precautions. In the case of a grill stove, there is a wide, open, and continuous surface to cook on. So, the decision to use a grill mat would be the best option here.

3.   Non stick

Grill mat is coated with PTFE which is non stick, so that it can prevent grease from sticking. It is perfect for grilling fish and seafood.

Grill Mat

   4. Grilling Pizzas

There is a variety of food that is needed to be prepared with good, cheesy topping, when half-cooked. Grilling pizzas and home-made pizzas are included in the food items that require the grill mat support, so many people call it baking mat. With the help of a grill mat, you are allowed to half cook the dough of pizza, add the filling or cheese at the top, roll it up for some variation. Henceforth, the grill mat is the best support to prepare the grilled pizzas too.    

    5. Egg in the Basket

You might know this food with different name i.e. “egg in the hole”, “toad in the hole” or “one-eyed omelet”. If you are planning to make this one on the grill, you would definitely need a grill mat. The reason behind this is the method and technique of grilling. For this, you need to cut the circle of the bread slice. Grill the slice with butter. Crack the egg in the hole of bread and let the egg set form 2-3 minutes. Gently grill both sides of bread. Here, the delicious egg in the basket is ready to eat.



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