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BBQ Recipe: Grilled Fig with Barbecued Peanut

Release date:2020-01-31 Publisher: YRYM HT Views:389
Are you the figs’ lover? Then you will definitely love the grilled fig recipe that is new in town. Generally, this recipe of grilled fig is really something special for people who are fond of fig dishes, whether it’s a dessert or any spicy dish. But here we have something different for you. 
There might be a chance that you got disappointed with the fresh figs or the dishes prepared with the fig. But do believe that if you cook the fig better, then definitely the result will be delicious too. 
If you really want to try something really delicious and tasty, you must give yourself a taste of a perfect fig meal prepared on grill. Here, we have the recipe of Grilled fig with Barbecued Peanut, don’t disappoint anymore, go and try this mouth-watering recipe once!

Before start cooking, it’s better to consider some ingredients that are quite essential to prepare the food. 

Ingredients for Grilled Fig

Black figs

12 ripe (in the plump form)

Dark honey

¼ tbsp.

Fresh rosemary

1 -3 inches (for garnish)

Mascarpone cheese

4 ounces


1 tbsp.

Lemon and lemon juice

1 zested

Ingredients for Barbecued Peanut


4 cups (shelled and uncooked)


1/3 salted and melted

Tabasco or any other hot sauce

1/3 sauce

Barbecue rub

1 tbsp.

Black pepper

For garnishing

Directions to Prepare
1. Firstly, you need to slice the figs in half. Don’t forget to cut the figs lengthwise. Now, you are allowed to arrange the figs on a platter. 
2. The next step is to heat the honey in a saucepan, add some rosemary sprig in it. Cook it on a medium flame for 2-3 minutes. Lower the heat if you observe some boil in the mixture. Deal within carefully, stir the solution continuously. Turn off the heat now. 
3. Now set the figs to grill. Prepare the grill with a flame and non stick grill mat. Set the figs on the grill mat to keep from falling through and allow it to prepare. Grill the figs until the color turns into golden brown and the figs having dark grill marks. Let’s set the grilled figs for a few moments. Remove the grilled figs to a platter.
4. Pour the sauce to the grilled figs, placed in the platter. 
Now, it’s time to prepare the barbequed peanut. 
5. Toss the peanut, hot sauce and butter in a bowl. 
6. Gradually, add some salt and black pepper to the mixture of peanut, butter and hot sauce as per taste. Set the mixture for around 30 minutes or you can also keep it for 1 hour approx. 
7. Spread the nut mixture over the grill mat and allow it to grill for few minutes (don’t grill the mixture for more than 6-7 minutes)
8. Reduce the heat and place the nuts’ mixture in the platter to settle down.

9. Spooning some sauce of nuts/peanut butter on the grilled figs platter or serve both separately. 
You can garnish the dish with Fresh rosemary, lemon juice, and black pepper. That’s all for today. Grilled Fig with Barbecued Peanut is ready for you. Bon appetite! 



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