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Barbecue In Summer & Winter

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Taking the task of cooking a meal outside has so many benefits. Whether it's Winter, Summer, Spring or Fall, everyone can pitch in to make it more fun and get some fresh air while doing so.

Firing up the grill is a quintessential part of the Summer season, and there's a good reason for it. You can go potluck style, call over friends and family, delegate who’s going to bring the potato salad and dessert, and claim the afternoon as a time to enjoy the backyard and some ice cold beverages. Winter is a great time for grilling too, as it gives us an excuse to get out into the frosty atmosphere and prepare a quick meal with little cleanup to be had. The following are a few grilling tips for both the Summer and Winter seasons to help you make the most out of both.


Definitely the most popular time to get out and grill, there are advantages to cooking outside in the warm sunshine. Grilling with charcoal, a teepee over a bonfire or a propane grill are all great options, and following a few basic guidelines make it a stress free situation.
Start with a clean grill grate, which prevents food from sticking, and eliminates the chance of getting old crusty food remains on your fresh burger. Your meats and other grilled foods shouldn’t have a problem with sticking, as long as you allow the grill grates to get hot enough before starting the cooking process. It’s never necessary to oil the grates, and only a little butter or oil is needed for items that don’t produce their own fats such as meat substitutes and fresh veggies. 
Most people put away the grill and patio chairs once the leaves start to fall off the trees.. But there is so much more opportunity to grill! Most charcoal and propane grills are made out of a very durable steel material, sturdy enough to stand up in all types of weather, so a little snow and ice shouldn’t do any damage at all. 
The same basic guidelines apply for grilling in Winter, and we add a few things. As the temperature is much colder, it will take a bit longer for your grill to be hot enough to cook on. That sturdy steel will take longer to warm up on a cold day but once the fire is going it will stay hot and ready for cooking. Give it the time it needs, and when finished, always scrape the grates while hot. Doing so will prevent an arduous task next time someone is hungry for hot dogs. Another smart idea is covering the grill when not in use. Using a grill cover protects the surface from any harsh weather, and insures all heating elements and electrical components are safe and ready to be fired up on demand. Please be sure the grill is fully cooled before covering.
Hopefully these tips stir up some excitement for firing up the grill in all seasons!



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