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How to grill seafood, such as oyster, or salmon?

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Sea food has different ways preparation as far as grilling is concerned. The taste and preference of the one preparing determines the mode of preparation for sea foods. There are different ways through which sea foods are prepared. In the same way, there are a variety of sea foods and they include; salmon, snapper, Tuna, swordfish and oyster among others. Depending on which sea food is being prepared, the process of preparation is selected. However, there are a number of factors that influence preparation of sea food and grilling as detailed below. 

Thickness of the fish for instance is a determinant in grilling. A fire of medium heat is adjusted to ensure the roasting done appropriately. The most appropriate thing is to ensure that heating is done correctly. It prevents cases of undercooking and overcooking. To this respect, a heat of medium range is the best as aforementioned. And in order to prevent from sticking, which can result in tearing up, it is strongly recommended placing a non stick grill mat on the grate. The heat used should have a salmon or fish of one inch cooked in about eight to minutes with consistency of medium heat. If the fish is 2 inches, about 16 to minutes are enough to grill. To be on the safe side, the time of heating should be done half on one side and half of the time on the other hand. The image below explains better. 

Spicing is another important step towards grilling seafood. The step is optional to the user there are those who appreciate spices while others do not. The only spice that is mandatory to most people is salt. While preparing, the skin of the fish should be scrapped a little using a sharp knife and the continuation done carefully using the thumb. Dissolved salt should be sprinkled evenly on the cut fish and enough f it to avoid excessive salt that would otherwise mess with the taste after grilling. 
Olive oil leaves could also be used to rub the fish, salmon or oyster even before placing it on the heat. Depending on the thickness of the stick, the user might be careful to avoid overdoing the spices. There are also a group of people who like pepper and other spices apart from salt. To them, the first step is to ensure that the spices have been cut properly, dissolved if need be and evenly applied on all parts of the intended meal. If the spices are not enough after applying, they should be carefully sprinkled on the fish as heating continues and most importantly the parts that are already cut.
The grill used should be clean and a good site selected to make the environment habitable and healthy for grilling. A cool place free from wind is the best as it will not interfere with the intensity of heat. The coals used should just be enough to avoid overheating which would otherwise rush the cooking process and mess up with the procedure. Again, to avoid the fish sticking on the grate, the one preparing should ensure that the grill is clean and a towel soaked in olive oil was used to wipe the grill even before placing the fish for heating. 



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