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BBQ Recipe: Garlic and Herb Portabella Mushrooms

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The perfect summery evenings filled with the fresh and revitalizing aroma of newly bloomed flowers while the chirping of birds indicate that they are going back to their nests and here is you sitting in your backyard absorbing the beauty of nature.

How fascinating it will be if you can transform this by adding more number of people by your side? So put on your chef’s cap and grill a bunch of things while getting entertained by nature and entertain your guest with your welcoming nature.

This question will definitely pop up in your mind that what can be the unique yet easily cooked menu for the guest? Calm your nerves down and just follow these basic steps leading you towards the route of grilling this exceptionally flavorful high in vitamins vegetable with an outstandingly dominating taste of garlic. Yes, you guessed it right we are talking about none other than a perfect option for all the vegetarians out there in the shape of Garlic and Herb Portabella Mushrooms.

Portabella is large mature form of mushrooms which are famous for its taste being resembling with some meaty food. This is a wholesome dish which is scrumptious, tempting, easy to be cooked and can surely add the sort of uniqueness and appealing effect you wish to add in the menu which has to be presented for your guests.

Let’s dig into the preparation of this extremely mouth-watering, high in nutrients combo of different sauces and herbs. But before getting your hands into it make sure you are equipped with all the essential cooking appliances including the grilling pan, smoker boxes or aluminium foils and most importantly don’t forget to place the copper grill mat once you get started.

Following are the ingredients that you will need:



portabella mushroom stems removed and dried


teaspoons olive oil


 teaspoons diced shallots (freeze-dried diced shallots can be used)

1 ½

teaspoons minced garlic

1 ½

teaspoons finely diced fresh basil (freeze-dried can be used)

1 ½

teaspoons finely diced fresh chives (freeze-dried can be used)

1 ½


To taste


To taste

Instructions for cooking

Step 1

First of all, start heating the grill pan according to the instructions provided in the user manual of your grill system.

Step 2

Place the grill mat once the grill system is preheated.

Step 3

Place the mushroom caps round side down on a plate then add few drops of olive oil, shallots, garlic, basil and chives to a custard cup and blend the veggies with a small spoon by stirring thoroughly.

Step 4

Evenly spread the olive oil herb mixture over the top side of the mushrooms with the help of a small spoon.

Step 5

Lastly, just place the mushrooms with its top side up over the grill mat and lower the lid if you are using a contact grill.

Step 6

Let the veggies soak a good amount of heat for 5 minutes.

And voila!! Your smoky and grilled Garlic and Herb Portabella Mushrooms are all set to be served as a side dish or main course or even as a filling for some panini sandwich by making your backyard smell like a super fresh garden having these spectacular herbs and mushrooms.



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