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Approaches of Becoming a Pro Using a Smoker Grill

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Whenever the word BBQ pops up in a conversation, it automatically makes us think about a slice of meat which is perfectly marinated with sauces, full of spices, tendered with juicy and seasoned sauces with that amazingly appealing smell of charcoals, grilling under the flaming hot smoke. Grilling is one of the most fascinating, captivating and highly desired cooking activity which can double the joy of any season. Here, we bring you some as easy as making-a-pie approaches that can help you transform into an in-house grilling expert.

But wait-o-wait, first, get yourself a well-equipped smoker grill setup because then, the tutorial will no lesser be the one you have already bookmarked in your browser.

1. Turn The Heat On

The game starts with filling the smoker box with lit bars of charcoal and adding the soaked pieces of wood (soaked for 30 minutes in water). The combination of soaked wood chips with lit charcoal will intensify the smoke up in the grill. Heat up the smoker grill to 400°F and then lower it to 225 °F to 250 °F as this is the right temperature to get your selected meat to grill.

2. The More the Better

Play with different spices and herbs available at your place and let your guest see your inner chef. Put your steps in the shoes of an artist and create a masterpiece by upgrading the spice level of your BBQ recipe.  

All you need to do is;

· Take a foil bowl filled with water

· Add your customized veggies and spices

· Marinate the meat and reserve it in butcher paper for smoking for a good amount of time. Butcher paper for smoking help hold more juice when smoking and keep meat moisture and tender.

· Place a piece of miracle grill mat on the grill grate to prevent from sticking and keep small items from falling through the grate. Besides, a miracle grill mat can keep grill clean and prevent from flare ups.

3. Food for The Grill

Select the correct form of wood and brand new charcoal pieces every time as the old ones can burn out faster contributing negatively.

Pro tip: Enhance your dish’s flavor by using flavored woods like cherry, cider, apple or any flavor that satisfies your taste buds. Revealing your inner chef to your guest? You should be finding the best wood for your smoker grill first.

4. 4. Make The Most Out of It

You can now be carefree from the fear of gaining extra calories from the grilled meat only if you allow it to sear properly when it’s been grilled. The meat fat will meltdown to the grill grate and become a good source for lighting up the smoke.

Last but not the least, serve the dish you just grilled with all additional toppings or grated cheese, giving the vibes of a perfect snack. But do not forget cleaning add safe placement of your equipment once you are done with the cooking session.

Bingo! We are done with all the essentials to groom you for becoming the master at smoking and grilling and ain’t nothing is going to stop you from becoming the star of the night for sure. 



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