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Healthy Practices and Tips for Barbecuing

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What fun can anything else give you than enjoying your vacations or weekend doing grilling! No matter what the season, time of the day or event you plan, barbecuing is always there to save your life.


Summers and grilling are a match made in heaven! So if summers are around the corner, then look no further for entertainment when the grill is merely placed as a decoration piece in some corner of the house. Take this masterpiece out and let the fire lit your taste buds!


The best part is that grilling leads the list of healthiest ways to cook! Just follow our top ten tips for healthy grilling and barbecuing. Grilling counts under that fun-loving hobby which is not weather restricted. Whether it’s June’s Sunday brunch or Christmas Eve, one can always channel his inner chef by hosting some outdoor parties. Among differently opted to barbecue practices, the following list highlights the top five healthiest and easy to cook barbecuing practices:

Selection of personal favorite category of protein

The choice of meat is solely dependent on the taste buds one possesses. Any category of protein including beef, chicken, fish (especially salmon and trout have higher quantities of protein) or mutton can serve as the raw material for barbecuing. If you are already master at barbecuing the meat won’t be of any significance but merely your innovation and actual depiction of thoughts in the shape of food that’s been served.

Time for soaking

Now soaking doesn’t mean soaking up the sun, but they need to dip and marinate the selected protein in a bowl full of mouthwatering spices which can be a powder combination of garlic, chilli, black pepper, cumin, paprika or rosemary. Fish and meat allow the lesser consumption of salt as its meat is already salt based in nature. A hygiene tip that must be obeyed is avoided of leftover sauce once the raw meat has been dipped in it. Let the meat enjoy the coating before it gets wrapped in the butcher paper for smoking. 

No to fat-consciousness

To shred the weight from the meat and your body, the drill is to cut off all the layers of extra fat from the meat, marinate and oil it with high in nutrition themed ingredients.

Keep grill clean and avoid burnt

If there is too much grease sticking on the grate, it can make mess up and burnt grilled meat is poisonous, which is harmful to our body. It is suggested to put a piece of non stick grill mat on the grate to prevent from sticking and keep small food from falling through the grate. What's more, non stick grill mat can prevent from flare ups and avoid meat being burnt when grilling. 

Healthier Approaches Awakening the Taste Buds

The category of whole-grain loaves of bread will help in gaining the outstandingly optimum amount of calorie consumption along with the addition of grilled fruits. They can be sliced apples, peaches or plums for dessert, pinching the sugary flavor into your BBQ meals. For the sidelines, Cole-slaw, lettuce wraps or potato salads can be placed, making it wholesomely sufficient.   

Upgrading the hygiene levels

Who would love to get a taste of rotten material in recently grilled fish? Definitely no one! Before starting the drill to grill, you must assure the hygiene conditions of grilling stove and the freshness of veggies and meat for cooking. On the other side, rightsizing of food proportion must be taken into account to reduce the risk of excessive fats. Furthermore, the cherry on the top is the inclusion of sidelines and grilled veggies which are eye-catchy options to enhance the appearance and nutrition level of the meal too!   



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