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How to Grill Asparagus with Grill Cooking Mat

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To bring a change in the meaty routine, it is important that you bring in some variations. Eating vegetables as an alternative to meat can be the best alternative to meat that you can think of. The grilled recipe involving a vegetable is essential even for enhancing the taste of the vegetables too. Using salads as a means to take in vegetable might look easier to you but it is not tempting for the kids. This is why grilling asparagus and serving it to kids is what we suggest you to encourage your children to eat vegetables.
Cooking Grilled asparagus is quite simple. It only requires a few ingredients and a few steps for the complete making of the dish. We are sharing the ingredients and the directions for preparation in this article. 
The following quantity of ingredients can serve four people. Adjust the quantities accordingly to serve more people. 
2 .pounds asparagus (with trimmed stalks) 
2 tablespoon extra-virgin olive oil
Salt To taste
2 tablespoon black pepper
Following are the direction for preparing grilled asparagus.
1.You can use a grill cooking mat to prepare this dish. YRYM HT grill cooking mat is non stick, which can prevent from sticking and keep asparagus from falling through from grill grate. What's more, it can prevent from burning and flame ups. 
Note: Make sure to heat the grill on high flame
2.Put asparagus in a bowl, put some oil on it and sprinkle salt and black pepper according to taste on them. toss the asparagus fully to ensure that oil, salt and pepper gets to every bit of the vegetable.

3.Once you are sure that salt, black pepper and oil are properly mixed, you should put the vegetable on the heated grill cooking mat.

4.You will have to change the sides of the asparagus on the grill to ensure that every part of the vegetable gets the same level of heat for efficient cooking.
Note: usually, it takes 3-4 minutes for asparagus to be cooked on the grill.
5.You will see the change in the color of the vegetable. When it will get brownish, you should know that your dish is ready.

As we have suggested grilling asparagus as one of the ways to make children eat the vegetable, then you should make sure to make something that your kids like the most as a complimenting dish. This will make it easier for you to make them taste it first. However, once you’ll make them taste it, there are higher chances that they’ll like it because of the simple but enriched taste that this vegetable has in it.

Using different sauces as a way to attract kids could also provide you with an opportunity to keep the interest of your kids in the dish. Mint sauce, ketchup, mayonnaise or any of your special recipes for the sauce can do wonders.
You can grill chicken along with asparagus as well. This will create a yummy treat for children. Moreover, you won’t have to put in the extra effort of cleaning the grill separately for the asparagus and the chicken. The combination of both the dishes is also phenomenal and you’ll like the taste. 



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