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Eight Useful Tips for Grilling

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Grilling is a classic outdoor activity for companies and families. Especially in spring, it is idea to have a picnic and barbecue outside with families and workmates. You can image how fantastic when you are eating juicy burgers, grilled corn, seared steaks and chicken kebabs. However, to enjoy grilling, you need to master some grilling tips.  

1. Take out steaks from the fridge at least three hours before grilling.
It takes a few hours for steaks or other meat to thaw so you should take them out from fridge. Especially, when you need to marinade, you should ensure at least 20 minutes for marinading and the meat are thawed before gotten thawed. 

2. Never too hurry to grill.
You will be quite hungry when you see the steaks or meat and want to start blazing them as soon as possible. However, you should be patient to wait an appropriate time to start. Firstly, you need to light the charcoals with dry papers, and then you will see a nice flame. You should not to grill until the charcoals fully turn gray. Then put the pot or grill on the fire, it will heat up and get hot slowly and then fizzle out. And now you can start to grill.

3. You’d better use a piece of BBQ grill mat when grilling.

As steaks and meats easily stick on the grill grates, you’d better put a piece of copper grill mat which can prevent from sticking and ensure the juice not to escape away. Moreover, you’d better bring 10 pieces or more pieces of copper grill mats as you need to replace the grill mat when it gets broken. And you may to need grill some vegetables or pork chops with grill mats.

4. Crank up the heat enough when grilling steak.
As high heat helps steaks adopt a steakhouse-worthy crust, you should ensure that the pot or the grill get enough hot to be screaming hot. All the juices will escape if your grill is not hot enough for long time. And the steaks will taste bad without juice.

5. Don’t use direct heat all the time.
As the above says, it is time to grill charcoals fully turn gray. Therefore, it is silly to keep using flaming fire when grilling as the chicken legs or steaks will get seared easily. Sometimes, if you see the open flame, you can rise up the pot or the grill for a while. 

6. Don’t toss too fast and mess up the meat.
It is wise that don’t turn or toss the steak until you see a crust forming on the side of the steak, which the steak is sticky to the grill grates. Also you should not put pressure on the meat with a on the meat or steak to let all the juice out when grilling. Just let the food grilling themselves and you can taste delicious meat and steak.

7.Don’t cook too much food at once.
It is easy for you to get demented when a crowd of people around you at backyard barbecues. And then you try to cook a lot of meat and steak at once. Never place burgers, corn, kabobs and hot dogs too many on the grill as they easily stick to grill. You should be enough patient enough there are people prompt you for cooked food.  

8. Remember to clean the grill grates.
The best time to scrub the grill grill is when minimal elbow grease is involved just after you finish grilling, as the heated grease and food remnants can be scraped right off at that time, which save you time and energy before the next time that need to grill. 

Hope these tips can be helpful for your grilling backyard.



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