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Smoky Wood Flavor Now On a Gas Grill

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If you are a gas grill owner and at times, you crave for having some pieces of smoky and saucy chicken for the dinner, look no further because you are standing at the right place. We are here to make you a pro at cooking grilled meat possessing smoky wood flavor on your gas grill. Smoky flavors are one the reasons why charcoal-grilled meat is considered quite tempting and appealing to the foodies. 

What can be done for transforming your current setup accordingly? Just put on your chef apron and roll your sleeves up to feel the smoky aroma around, by simply following these exceptionally ordinary tricks.

Lit the Woods Up 

Wood chips are the soul of that smoky grilled chicken served in your plate. The primary way of getting the smoky flavor on a gas grill is by using wood chips. These are easily available at any supermarket near your place, barbecue stores or you can even have them being delivered from some online stores. 

Since we are blessed with a variety of woods, each liberating fumes of different flavors of smoke; among those which produce vivid smoky flavors are hickory, oak and maple. These wood chips also give you the chance of letting your hands dirty with poultry, beef, pork, as well as with the meat of generally hunted birds.  

Tips for Playing with Wood Chips

Some of the grillers consider soaking the wood rather directly using the raw wood as they find the soaked wood capable of producing fumes of greater intensity. The big bang theory of soaking the wood before smoking it is the denser nature of wood that will trap the moisture deep inside it and will let it burn at lower temperatures too; hence, producing intensified smokes. 

But wood chips are small and the amount of water they can absorb is quickly boiled off by the heat of the grill, so it's merely producing a small amount of steam prior to smoking. In other words, whether you soak your wood chips or not, it makes no difference whatsoever. Try using a combination of wet and dry wood chips and use its smoke over the course of your cooking so that you are consistent in provision of them fumes.

Meat-ing for grilling

Smoking the little chunks of oak work best with the meat which demands a longer time for cooking. Since it takes a good amount of time for smoke to be deeply penetrated through the piece of meat, rapid flipping and twisting is not desirable. Moreover, whole chickens, larger pieces of beef and pork marinated with different smoky barbecue sauces wrapped and reserved in butcher paper will serve as outclass options when cooking with smoke. The main drill for starting the grill has several procedures includes following:
  • Use of a foil pouch or smoker box (which is a perforated box placed above the burner). Some gas grills are provided with such smoker boxes. 
  • Wrapping the wood chips in small punched pouches of aluminium foils, place the pouch on the grill gate directly above the burner. Allow it to absorb the heat perfectly before you place the meat over it.
Just after the appropriate placement of these wood chips, ensure the lid has been properly placed for holding the smoke in. Because who wants his/her effort to be blown away with the wind, right? 



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