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BBQ Recipe: Best-Ever Grilled Beef Burger

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You must know well that a burger never goes out of option when craving for something on-the-edge food. It’s an Omni-season, Omni-mood, Omni –age and an Omni-time mouth-watering food enough to satisfy your thirst for something funky, saucy, handy and easy to make a meal.

It’s an undeniable fact that one can never get enough of burgers. There are zillions of ways to make burgers and everyone’s right in their own way. But what if you can elevate the flavor profile of a simple burger to the next level which is not only budget-friendly but taste like wonders? Then look no further! We are gonna show you a true depiction of a delectable burger that you only dreamt of!

So shout out to all burgers lovers because here we are to present with one finger-licking recipe that you will not stop using once mesmerized with its sauciness and scrumptiousness, enough to tender your heart!

Unbutton your cuff and rolls off your sleeves and get ready to tender your heart with the heavenly flavors that you are going to introduce them in your life!

Cooking temperature for your burger patty could be any one of the following up to your likeliness:

Well done


Medium well

150 to 155°


145 to 150°

Medium rare

140 to 145°



This recipe will require:


Prep time

Total time


5 minutes

20 minutes


Equipment you need are:

1. Grill

2. Non stick grill mat

3. Tong

The ingredients you will be needing are:



ground beef

1 lb.

Kosher salt

1 tsp.

black pepper, freshly grounded

1 tsp.

hamburger buns


Over-sized tomato, thinly sliced


small red onion, thinly sliced


iceberg lettuce



As much as you like


As much as you like


As much as you like

Cheese slices



Directions to make best-ever beef burger:

Step 1:

Place the non stick grill mat over the grill to avoid dropping patties under the grill gaps and let the patty cook thoroughly without sticking onto the grills or burning immediately since it prevents direct contact with the fire.

Step 2:

Preheat the grill on the high heat.

Step 3:

Shape the beef patties into round shapes of almost 3 1/2" wide in size.

Step 4:

Season all the patty with salt and pepper on each of its each generously.

Step 5:

Make an indent in the center of the patty with the help of your thumb or index finger.

Step 6:

Grill the burger patties to any of the temperatures as mention above in the chart up to your preference. But make sure it’s tender and not pink (or raw).

Step 7:

The most optimal time to cook each side of the burger patty is 6 minutes for a medium cook. You can alter the timings accordingly as per the tenderness of the meat you want.

Step 8:

Place the cheese on the top of the patties 2 minutes earlier before finishing with the cook of it.

Step 9:

Grill the buns a bit and place the patty on top with lettuce, ketchup, mayo, tomatoes and onions on top.

Get ready to astonish your taste buds with this simple yet mind-blowing recipe!



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