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Grilled Salt and Pepper Fish with Curry Verde

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Grilling and summer are synonyms for the people of America as they are more likely to have food prepared in smoke and open fire. It is quite common to talk about classic chicken and meat to grill and enjoy. But, grilling is not only limited to this. Obviously, grilling does not mean hot dogs, burgers and chicken only, there is much more to serve other than chicken and beef. If you are looking for something healthier than basic choices and in search of new grilled recipes, then, Grilled Fish with the taste of salt and pepper is definitely the food you want. 

Herein, I present you the Grilled Fish Recipe with the seasoning of Curry Verde. The Curry Verde will definitely complete the taste of a Grilled Fish. Have a look at recipe and ingredient required for Grilled Salt and Pepper Fish with Curry Verde

1cup Grapeseed 
1 tsp  Vadouvan (or you can use any curry powder)
1 tsp Green chili (finely chopped)
1 piece Ginger
1 piece  Garlic clove (grated finely)
1 ½ cup Cilantro
3 tsp Fresh lime juice
Kosher salt as required
Grounded black pepper as required
Lemon wedges as required (for serving)

Here are the steps - how to cook the for Grilled Salt and Pepper Fish with Curry Verde
Steps of cooking

1.Firstly, prepare the grill. Set the flame at medium temperature. 

2.On medium flame, heat ½ cup of oil. Add 1 tsp of Vadouvan in shimmering oil and turn off the flame. Let it cool for a few minutes.
3.Add other ingredients – chilli, ginger, cilantro, and lemon juice in the mixture of oil and curry. Let it set aside too. 
4.Add some grapeseed and cilantro to the mixture.
5.Now it’s time to prepare the fish. For this, you need a cutting board and knife. Cut the fish diagonally with a sharp knife. The proper cutting of fish will help to cook evenly. 
6.Place the fish on a baking sheet while cutting. Cut the fish in 4 diagonal pieces. 

7.Now it’s time to grill the fish. Place a BBQ grill mat to prevent from sticking and tearing up on the grate. Then transfer the fish on BBQ grill mat, seasoning fish with the kosher salt and pepper. Let it sit for 4 minutes for the first time. Lift up the fish from time to time to check the skin color. 

Tip: Sprinkle fish with scallions (green onions) to enhance its taste.
8.It will take approximately 15-20 minutes for fish to grill properly. If the fish is not ready, let it set to grill for another minute. 
Tip: The fish is not ready until the skin is puffed and slightly charred. 
9.Place the Grilled Fish on a platter, spoon the curry Verde on top. Sprinkle sea salt and peeled ginger on top.
10.Drizzle the fish platter with lemon wedges. Peppering some crushed scallions on top of the platter. And the Grilled Salt and Pepper Fish with Curry Verde is ready to be served. 

Add some sliced scallions, cilantro leaves and lime juice according to your taste.



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