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Review of YRYM HT Grill Cooking Mat

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Grilling is a delicious way to cook myriad foods, but cleaning a grill grate can stink. Sure, you can crank the heat to high and simply burn off the food residue (assuming that you have a gas grill), but keeping a fire going just to clean the grate can cut into valuable food enjoyment time. After all, what is the point in cooking a meal on the grill, only to worry about burning off the food residue and creating additional work?

That is where the YRYM HT Grill Cooking Mat comes in. Designed to withstand high temperatures, you simply spread the grill cooking mat across the grate, lay out your meat, veggies or fruits, and grill like you normally do. But, does it really work as promised?

Review of YRYM HT Grill Cooking Mat:

The YRYM HT Grill Cooking Mat is deceptively useful: it is a sheet that is thicker than aluminum foil, and like that kitchen staple, is designed to prevent messes or grease from sticking and keep small food from falling through. That is where the similarity ends: while tinfoil is a great way to keep surfaces clean, it cannot conduct heat. The YRYM HT Grill Cooking Mat is designed to do just that: simply roll it out over your grill, and it will stand up to the heat without melting, while also transferring the heat to your dinner. I like to start grilling a steak at 500 - 550 degrees so the higher heat range of the YRYM HT BBQ grill mat is important. I grilled steak, chicken and shrimp on the grill cooking mat and everything came out tasting great! No flare ups, no sticking and no hassles cleaning the mat or the grill.

How to use YRYM HT Grill Cooking Mat?

Okay, so we have discussed that the YRYM HT Grilling Mat will make your clean-up easier, and that it can sit on a grill and not melt/warp. It transfers the heat to where it belongs: your food, and does not reduce the temperature by any significant degree. Thus, while the grill cooking mat may partially block the flames, it is not diminishing their effect, so your meat and veggies will cook in roughly the same amount of time as it would without the YRYM HT Grill Cooking Mat.

That said, another feature of the YRYM HT Grill Cooking Mat is that it is nonstick. Nothing stinks more when you go to flip a piece of meat (I am looking at you, fish), and a portion of it sticks to the grating on the grill. Not only does the YRYM HT Grill Cooking Mat eliminate the grate-sticking issue, the mat itself is nonstick, so you will not have to worry about the meat sticking to it. I was pleasantly surprised at how easy it was to turn steaks, chicken, and veggies without the mat coming up with them.

Finally, where does all of that fat go? As you cook steaks and other fatty foods, the fat will come out onto the mat. While it technically isn’t frying, there will be a little bit there. That being said, unless you have a cut of meat that is practically 100% fat, the amount produced during grilling should not be problematic. If you find that it is, you can use a marinade brush to push the fat off of the mat and onto the coals/flames below.

Final Say

For the purpose of eliminating having to clean the grill grates, I could recommend the YRYM HT Grill Cooking Mat. However, when you factor in how easy that it is to clean up (hot, soapy water and lay it out to dry), how foods will not stick to it, that you can cook smaller items that would normally not be possible when using the grates, and that it is easy to store, the YRYM HT Grill Cooking Mat is something that everyone should have on hand. It also works great in the oven, too; lay it on the rack before you cook a pie or other food that could drip and keep your oven clean!

I was pleasantly surprised with the efficacy of the YRYM HT Grill Cooking Mat, and I will most likely be picking up a few for friends and family this Christmas. So whether you are the chef or it is another person in the house, I heartily recommend picking up this mat to make grilling a bit easier – and cleaner. 



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