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Barbecue Chicken Fry-Bread Tacos

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Tacos are a phenomenal dish that you can eat to satisfy your taste buds. The crispy outer part with the fluffier things inside is the real things that make the tacos spectacular in taste. Different meat toppings can be the part of tacos, but in this recipe, we are going to highlight the barbecue chicken recipe. Here comes the recipe for this unique dish.

This recipe can serve four people. We have tried to categorize the ingredients for each of the parts of the dish separately so that it would become easier for you.
Fry Bread 
1.5 cups flour
1-Tablespoon baking powder
¼ cup of sugar
½ teaspoon salt
1.5 cups milk (you can also use water here)
Lettuce (shredded, for topping)
4 oz sour cream
1/2 cup shredded cheese
Barbecue Chicken 
4 chicken breasts
5 tablespoon butter (you can use any other oil that you commonly use)
½ cup barbecue sauce
Salt to taste

Black Pepper to taste

1.We will start with the barbecue chicken. 
2.Cut the chicken breast into slices of ½ inch each. 
3.Take a frying pan and put the oil for frying. Add chicken slices to it. 
Note: Make sure to put a little oil. We aim to grill the chicken, not fry it. Make sure the oil I medium heated not highly heated.
4.Sprinkle salt and pepper to it.
5.Cook it till the pinkish color disappears. 
6.Keep on brushing the chicken pieces with barbecue sauce.
7.Grill the chicken till it gets the brownish color, and it is ready to be used in the bread.
For bread:
8.Take a bowl and mix all dry ingredients for the bread. Add water into it and knead it in the dough form. It would be sticky.
9.Get a pan and heat the oil in it.
10.Take the dough and make circle shaped thin pieces of it. 
Note: 4 inch diameter and ½ inch thickness would be most appropriate.
11.Put these pieces into the oil.
12.Let them stay till they get the brownish color. It would take 1- 2 minutes on each side to get the desired color and texture. Take it out. 

13.You will have to make these circle pieces from the rest of your dough as well.

Tacos get their shape because of the special serving arrangement. To make each taco, place the fried bread on the plate. Put some shredded lettuce on it. After that, add some pieces of chicken. Pour sour cream and cheese over it, and your taco is ready. 

You can serve it with Pebra salsa as well. Here are the ingredients for this sauce 2 cups finely diced fresh field tomatoes, ½ cup finely diced red onions, oil (3tablespoon), 1 tablespoon lime juice and minced garlic. Mix all of these ingredients to get this Pebra salsa ready. Do not forget to add some salt in it as well for getting the appropriate taste. Serve it with barbecue tacos for the mouthwatering treat. 



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