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Recipe: Smoked Whole Chicken

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Are you a fan of chicken? What if we tell you a recipe that would combine chicken with the smoky taste. This is definitely gong to be mouth watering. You are really going to feel a taste of newness when you’ll first try it and for the next time, you are really going to wait to make this delicious cuisine. We guess we have raised the expectation bars  too much, so now is the time to share the recipe.

The following ingredient quantities serve four individuals. Keep adjusting the quantity of ingredients depending on the number of people you want to serve the Smoked Whole Chicken. 
2 cups water
2 tablespoon salt
1 tablespoon brown sugar
12 ounces beer
1 tablespoon BBQ spice rub
1 Whole chicken

Below mentioned are the instruction to smoke the whole chicken:
1.The whole chicken would have giblets included, so you need to remove them before you can carry on with the recipe. 
2.Mix water with salt, brown sugar, and beer to make the brine, in a bowl.
Note: Make sure the bowl is big enough to soak the entire chicken in the brine. In case your brine is lesser in quantity, you can add more water to it to ensure that the chicken is soaked completely. 
3.You need to put this chicken in brine for 12 hours’ . However, you can change the time of marinating depending upon your availability.
4.Once done, rub the BBQ rub on the outer side of the chicken to give it a spicy taste.
5.You’ll need a smoker set at 225 degrees for this recipe. 
6.It is suggested to wrap the chicken with butcher wrapping paper which is much more durable and stronger than foil. What’s more butcher wrapping paper can absorb excess oil from chicken which is quite healthier and give you a clean, pleasant taste experience.
7.1 hour is the cooking time of the whole chicken in the smoker. Within the last few minutes, you can increase the temperature of the smoker to 275 degrees.
Note: be careful while increasing the temperature as you might overcook it. So, increase the temperature just 7-10 minutes before putting it off.
8.If you have, the cooking thermometer then checks the temperature of chicken thigh and breast. If it is 165 degree, your chicken is cooked, but if it is less, you’ll need to give some more time. 
9.And if you don’t have the cooking thermometer, then the outlook of the chicken will give you some of the ideas regarding its readiness. A reddish-brown outlook is what you should look for.

10.Let it cool down for 10 minutes before serving.

  • Serving the chicken with steamed rice could be one of the ways for serving.
  • You can consume it with sauces and grilled vegetables as well. 
The brine solution is going to give this whole smoked chicken the right taste. You can alter the taste of this recipe by changing the time of marinating chicken with brine. So, make sure what you are doing when changing the recipe.
This wonderful smoked whole chicken would be loved by everyone, especially children, thus allowing you to provide a healthy meal to them. So, make it once and then you’ll be requested to make this wonderful recipe again and again. This is our bet.  



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