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How to Smoke Brisket with Butcher Wrapping Paper

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What comes to your mind when we say smoked brisket? Tender, juicy, and mouthwatering expressions, huh? Want to know how is it made? This article is going to concentrate on this recipe. However, for the people who aren’t aware of the meat cuts, for them, brisket is the special cut from the breasts of the animal, especially cow. Yeah, so we are talking about real beef here. Let’s have an overlook on the ingredients and start your recipe now. We know you would be excited to try this recipe and enjoy the exotic meet cut.

This recipe serves four people. Mainly, there are two main ingredients, brisket, and brine. But the ingredients and the way to create brine are also essential for this recipe, and this is why we are going to discuss it here. 
3 pound brisket
For the brine solution:
2 ounce Prague powder
6 ounce salt
1-gallon water
2 ounces dextrose (powdered)
4 tablespoons pickled spices


How to make brine?

For brine, you need to use water and the salt, take 1 gallon of water as mentioned in the ingredients and mix 6 ounces of salt in it. Let it dissolve fully, and your brine is ready. 

1.In order to prepare the smoked brisket, you need to follow the following instructions.
2.Get the right cut of the meat (brisket) into a bowl. 
3.Add the brine in it.
Note: make sure that the meat is completely covered by the brine. And don’t forget to place it in the refrigerator. Don’t leave it at room temperature as it would rot. You’ll have to keep it there for 2 days so that the brisket gets the taste of the meat in it fully. 
4.After two days, remove the meat from the refrigerator and add pickling spices on the meat. You can rub these spices on the meat so that your meat gets the right taste.
5.In order to cook it, you’ll require a smoker. The cooking time of the brisket would be 2 hours. Make sure to ass the maple wood chips for the nice taste and aroma along with the meat. 
6.Once your meat is out, you need to wrap it in butcher wrapping paper. You can buy butcher paper roll from YRYM HT Amazon Store. Butcher wrapping paper is stronger than foil and does a better job at trapping in smoke while releasing steam to prevent soggy foods, designed for food, perfect for smoking, grilling meats or wrapping fresh cut meats. Its supper breathability can help to absorb excess oil from food. 
7.Put two cups of water in a pan. Place the wrapped brisket in the pan and keep it there for 3 hours.
Note: maintain the temperature of 250 degree Fahrenheit meanwhile.

8.After 3 hours, your smoked brisket would be ready to eat.

Use mustard sauce for serving. You can even complement it with rye bread to enhance the taste. 
Additionally, putting these fillets in the burger bun would also be one of the wonderful options to eat your smoked brisket.
You’ll note one thing that the ingredients used in this recipe aren’t much, but still, it is rich in taste. This richness in taste is because of the brisket part of the meat and the smoked technique that was used for its cooking. Try this recipe now and enjoy the lovely taste. 



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