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How to Grill Corns

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You might be wondering why we have shifted our focus from the meat grilled dishes to simple corns. Well, this has been done for a change. Because it was getting too much meaty. Now we are going to share a simple grilling recipe that you can enjoy in your snack time or can include in the meals as a complimentary food item. 
Corns are very helpful for your body. Highly nutritious with a lot of carbohydrates and proteins in them make them healthy food that you must eat. So, it is better to find different ways and recipes through which you can consume it. You might be thinking of cereals and salads as the first source, but the recipe that we are sharing with you can give you the entire new taste.

So let us start with our grilled corn recipe. 

The ingredients mentioned below are for four individuals:
4 corns 
½ cup butter

Salt to Taste

This is a simple recipe that won’t require any of your time if you’ll follow this recipe.
1.You need a grill. Make sure to preheat it so that the heat spreads evenly across the grill.
Note: you need to have the high flame to get it prepared in 10 minutes. The low flame would take a lot longer and would not have the right temperature to cook your corns.
2.Once you are sure that your grill is ready. Place a BBQ grill mat on the grate as BBQ grill mat is coated with Teflon that is non stick. Then transfer your corns on the BBQ grill mat. 
Note: make sure to keep turning them often as cooking from one side will burn it.
3.You just need a charred appearance of these corns. So, don’t overcook.
Note: Slight reddish to black color will tell you that they are done. 
4.Grilling corns could take around 10 minutes. Make sure to keep your cons rotating while they are on the grill.
5.Once done, plate them out, put the utter with a food brush, and sprinkle some salt for taste.

6.Your corns are ready to eat.

1.You don’t have to keep them this simple always. You can put mayonnaise or add some crushed spices over it to give it a new taste.
2.Serving these corns with steak and grilled potatoes can also be an option that you’ll like to add in your recipe book.
3.Similarly, adding them in your snacks list could also be one of the usages of this simple corn recipe.
There are high chances that you and your family would like it. The best part is that you can include them in your meal daily; they only take around 10 minutes to cook without any additional preparations. Thus, time saving recipe that allows you to have a lot of nutritional elements is a good addition to your menu. Even more, it provides you a room to innovate and make the grilled corns entirely new just by making a few changes to the servings. This is why it is highly recommended.



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