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Texas Style Smoked Meat and Brisket

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Thinking of smoking meat at home?

It can be downright intimidating to smoke a large slab of meat or a huge brisket for the first time. After all, smoking a perfect, tender and juicy piece of meat is both science and art. At the end of the day, it depends on how well you have followed all the fundamental steps and techniques. Smoking meat is a process you can only master by practicing. Here are some useful yet simple tips on smoking meat and briskets in Texas style to help you achieve the same perfect results every time. 

Before we begin, you must know that American smokers are all about patience and slow, low-flame cooking stretched over many hours. Smoking meat in a low heat environment not only locks the juices in it but the process brings out all the delectable flavors and textures in meat. Whether you are working with pork butts, beef filets, country-style ribs or smoked brisket, your motto should be ‘Slow and Low’! 

Smoking meat was a technique originally invented to preserve meat. Now we have refrigerators for that, but smoking meat remains popular with Americans to this day. The best meat cuts for smoking are generally the pork shoulder, the beef brisket or the ribs. Choose your meat intelligently. The best supermarket deals may not be the best quality meat that you can buy. Try the local farmers market. This way, you will have the opportunity to talk to farmers and ask them questions about the cut, how much fat and connective tissue the piece has, and how the producer cooks it in turn. 

Next, you need to buy your equipment. To smoke meat, you need a smoker. A smoker can be anything from a deep hole dug in the ground to a humble hardwood smoker to a fancy electric smoker. Whatever you are comfortable working with will do. Once you have all your gear ready and handy, it is time to brine your meat or brisket in a rub. You can pick a rub of your own choosing, ranging from a homemade dry rub to a Texas-style brisket rub. 

Butcher paper is highly recommended when you are smoking briskets or ribs. Wrapping the meat in a butcher paper helps in reducing the overall cooking time of the meat, and it also allows the piece to breathe. Smoke will still get to the meat even when you wrap it in the butcher paper, with the added advantages of a strong flavor, the perfect texture as well as the distinct taste that you can only get by smoking the meat slow and low. Butcher paper roll is easily available in Amazon store, like YRYM HT store, and corner grocery stores, and come in different sized rolls and sheets. You can select the one according to your own requirements. 

Once you have smoked the meat, you need to rest it for some time. Resting the smoked meat or brisket allows the juices to settle down and redistribute all around the piece. Once rested, it is time to slice your brisket or carve your meat. Serve it on the butcher paper with pickled jalapenos, freshly picked red onions, pickles, white bread and sauces on the side. 



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