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How to Grill Spicy Pork Skewers

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Are you planning an outdoor summer grill? For Americans, summer is synonymous with grilling. We all know that food tastes way better when cooked slowly on the open fire of a grill while smoke wafts around and spreads tempting aromas in the air! 
In America, grilled classics like grilled chicken, pork, ribs, sausages and burgers are common, but even less common grilled treats like corn, tacos and even fish make up for great summer cook-outs. Served alongside spicy sweet dressings and salads, there is nothing as good as grilled food in summer. 
Get inspiration from our weekly recipes for the best all-American grilled savories and dishes. Fetch your tongs, set your grill and get in your pit-smoking action with this original juicy and tender spicy pork skewer recipe! Our spicy pork skewers are tangy, sweet and spicy all at the same time. Marinated in lots of chilies, vinegar, garlic, mushrooms and Sprite, you will find this grilled dish bursting with flavor. 

2 lbs Pork shoulder – boneless and skinless
½ Red onions – thinly cut and sliced
12 piecesRed Thai Chilies – roughly chopped
8 pieces Garlic cloves – roughly chopped
1 cup Sprite/7UP
Cane vinegar (unseasoned rice vinegar) 1/3 cup
½ cup Soy sauce
¼ cup Sugar
1 tbsp Black peppercorns
Kosher salt 1 tbsp, and more
Shiitake mushroom – dried 6 pieces 

Special Equipment:
1.A spice mill/mortar and pestle
2.8″ metal skewers (12-16)
3.Bamboo skewers/wooden chopsticks (soaked prior to use)

4.Non stick grill mat


1. On a baking sheet, freeze the boneless and skinless pork shoulder for 45 minutes to an hour until firm and stiff around the edges. For best results, use a rimmed baking sheet. Remove the pork shoulder from the freezer and slice all of it into 1″– 2″ long strips (the thinner the strips, the better). 
2. Take a large re-sealable plastic bag and put onions, chilies, vinegar, soy sauce, garlic, sugar, peppercorns, 1 tbsp Kosher salt and Sprite inside it. Mix well. Take the Shiitake mushrooms and grind them well in a spice mill or with a mortar and pestle into a fine powder. Whisk this mushroom powder into the already prepared marinade in the plastic bag. 
3. Now take the pork strips and add them to the marinade a few pieces at a time. Make sure to coat each piece well and prevent them from sticking together. The pork strips should be covered evenly in order to ensure they absorb the marinade properly. Now cover the marinated strips and chill them for a good 6-8 hours. 
4. Prepare your non stick grill mat on a medium-high heat lower than 500 degree Fahrenheit. Remove the pork strips from the bag and string them on the bamboo skewers. Pour the remaining marinade into a saucepan and bring to boil on the grill. Cook the sauce for 1 minute while spooning off any froth that might rise to the surface. 5. Remove from the grill. 
6. Season the pork lightly with salt. Grill the pork skewers for 2 minutes until well browned. Turn them around to apply some marinade from the saucepan. Continue to grill 4 minutes more until cooked through and beautifully browned. 



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