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Grilled Black Pepper Shrimps with Garlic

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Shrimps are included in one of the best variety of seafood. A lot of ways to cook shrimp are available, but we are going to focus here on the grilled recipe. Apart from shrimps, another important ingredient for this recipe is garlic. With a lot of nutritional value and a strong taste, garlic can enhance the taste of this dish to another level. Are you getting excited about the recipe of this dish? Then, let’s get to it now.
This recipe below is going to serve four people. So, you’ll have to adjust the quantity of ingredients for a varying number of individuals.
2 fresh red chili (grated after removing its seeds)
6 garlic cloves (grated)
1 tablespoon black pepper
2 tablespoon lemon juice
1 pound shrimp (cleaned)
2 tablespoon Oil
Salt To taste
Lime wedges
1.You need to mix chili, garlic, black pepper, lemon juice, salt and oil in a bowl.
2.When everything is mixed, you’ll have to add the clean shrimps in it.
Note: Tossing the entire mixture with shrimps in the bowl will help in the proper coating of the mixture.
3.Keep the coated shrimps for half an hour for the pepper, salt, and juice to give it the essential taste.
Note: putting the mixture for 30 minutes would be enough. You can put it for long hours if you have time.
4.Once done, thread the shrimps to skewers.
5.Meanwhile, prepare the grill. Keep the flame for the grill high initially to let the heat spread evenly.
6.Place a non stick grill mat on the grate to avoid any sort of sticking. 
7.Put skewers on the grill mat and let the shrimps cook.
Note: make sure to change the side of the shrimps only once. For that, you’ll have to let the shrimps cook fully from one side before shifting it to the other one.
8.Give them a light brownish color. Note: the shrimp won’t require much time to cook, so keep a close eye on the grill to avoid burning.

9.Plate the shrimps and serve.

  • You can use the lime wedges for serving the grilled shrimps. This will give a nice aroma and a wonderful taste to the shrimps. Moreover, it would look good for decoration perspective.
  • Make a drink like lemonade or mint margarita for complimenting your shrimps. 
  • Serving the grilled shrimps with pita bread can also be a good option for serving.
The taste of these grille shrimps is greatly based on the garlic used in the recipe. The strong taste of garlic, when mixed with lemon juice, provides a unique taste for marinating. Obviously, the shrimps have their own taste. So when all these tastes would mix together, you’ll get a perfect combination to satisfy your taste buds. One important thing that you should greatly focus on is the grilling time of these shrimps. It might not take more than 5 minutes of total grilling, so you just can leave them unattended.  Enjoy your food. 



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