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New England Potato Salad to Accompany Grilled Meats

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Much of the focus on grilling is on meats on the grill, but as the chef, you also need to concern yourself with the side dishes that go along with the grilled food.

A wonderful complement for grilled steak or grilled chicken is a potato salad. There are several variations, including regional touches for potato salads and each have positive selling points. I am supplying you here with some variations on a theme.

Ingredients for New England Potato Salad:
6 large Russet potatoes
1 large onion
3 to 4 stalks celery
4 eggs
2 cups green peas
Cider vinegar
Vegetable oil
Salt & pepper


Wash and scrub the potatoes. I tend to make potato salad with the skins on the potatoes, but if this is not aesthetically pleasing, you can peel them. Cut the potatoes into about one-inch cubes. Put the potato cubes into a pot of boiling water until they are soft but still retain their firmness and still hold together as cubes. Once this is achieved drain the potatoes and leave in the colander to cool.

While the potatoes are cooking, finely dice the onion and put the onion pieces in a large bowl. Trim the foliage and the ends from the celery stalks, split them lengthwise and chop into small pieces. Add the celery to the onions and stir them together.

Once the potatoes have cooled, add them to the bowl with the bowl with the celery and onions, stirring them together. Pour in some oil and some vinegar, you want enough oil to keep the potato pieces from sticking to each other and enough vinegar to imbue the tart flavor to the potatoes, but you do not want so much that the whole mixture becomes soupy. Once this is done, cover the bowl with plastic wrap and place in the refrigerator overnight.

The next day, cook the peas on a sauce pan with a little water, for just a few minutes if using fresh peas and long enough to thaw frozen peas. Hard boil the eggs. (The best way to hard cook eggs is to pierce the wide end of the egg with a pushpin, place the eggs in a sauce pan of water, cover and place on high heat. Once the water starts to boil remove the sauce pan from the burner, keep covered and set your timer for fourteen minutes. Once the timer expires, put the eggs in a strainer and run cold water over them. Set aside to cool.)
Take the potato, onion and celery mixture out of the refrigerator and stir to mix in any vinegar and oil that has settled to the bottom of the bowl. Add the drained peas and stir them into the mixture. Add salt and pepper to taste and stir. Once all of this is combined, add the mayonnaise. As with the vinegar, adding mayonnaise is tricky. You don’t want too much but you want enough to bind the salad together. Once you have added the mayonnaise, peel and slice the eggs. Layer the egg slices on the top of the salad. Garnish with a few sprigs of parsley and return to the refrigerator until you are ready to serve. 



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